Entering The Light

John 3:19
It seems He doesn’t matter much to most. Oh, some take heed and say a prayer when their need is beyond their means. If only more would see with eyes of faith the glory in His living word.  He’s the One who spoke and the heavens came to be, all authority belongs to Him. He will speak again in mighty ways, as in the days of Pharaoh. But hardened hearts will turn away, kinda like today.
It seems a shame to miss out when He has so much to offer. Peace and joy are just the start for those who are forgiven. They are called His children who are raised to know His thoughts and follow in His ways.  God Himself dwells in them, His Spirit is their guide. He writes His law upon their hearts, and places them in Christ’s care.  But best of all they are created to always be with Him.
It seems insane to turn away and choose that which is vain, the pleasures of the day. Pursuing selfish desires is chasing smoke that disappears like dreams do when you awake.  To spend a few short years living by self-righteous rules is certainly a waste. To seek and have the praise of men won’t matter when you’re dead.  But worst of all there will be no second chance.
It seems that in His light one can stay or run away, but hiding’s not an option. He sees the motives of our heart and hears the words coming from our lips, there is no fooling Him. He is not a man that can be deceived, nor bribed with anything. God has revealed Himself through His Son who died to show us love.  Yes, we matter to Him. But softened hearts already know …… they didn’t turn away.