The Sabbath Rest Brings Clairity of Mind (another conversation)

Passing by on a Sabbath drive down a country road we saw these beasts lying by the side. I missed the Sabbath symbolism until now. We need to refresh our troubled mind by resting from the distractions of six days of normal life. That’s why the Lord gave us the forth commandment. To intentionally dedicate time, to be attentive to His presence, is striving to enter His Rest. Hebrews 4:8-11. That’s the place we want to be….. resting with the One who knows the end from the beginning.
Well, I had some troubles of my own trying to understand what it would take to get people’s attention.  There had to be something that I could do, surly something must be done. I traveled back and forth in my mind, but found no answers until yesterday.  It finally occurred to me that only God can get a person’s attention.
So, now I can be restful as I write and share the truth. It can never be because of me that any one is born again. It is only by His will that you do or will believe.  It can never be because of me that anyone turns away from sin. It is only the Holy Spirit who can convince the human heart of sin. It can never be because of me that you will experience a righteous life. Only Jesus can provide His righteousness, we have none of our own.
I was taught this Sabbath to rest as I continue to write while simply believing that He will gather the lost and keep His sheep close to His heart. No one can remove us from His love.  God is sovereign and all powerful. The older I become the more I appreciate being able to leave the big jobs in His hands. Has God got your attention?