Those Broken by Sin are Restored to Sing Praise

Those of us that are old enough will remember the TV program that started by saying, “There are a million stories in the Big Apple, you are about to hear one of them,” or words to that effect.  In the next half hour you would witness an episode of drama in the life of one person. What is it about drama that keeps our attention? Intrigue, deception and judgement can be entertaining if they don’t affect us.  But in real life drama is a killer. The first to die is peace, and you can forget about joy. They are replaced by stress and disharmony, poisons to body and soul. Billions of stories filled with intrigue, deception and judgment is why Jesus came to earth to die. I am one of these stories and so are you.
Now He lives to set us free with words of truth, if only we would just agree. Nothing changes unless we do. Rinse and repeat will never work; we have got to try something new if we expect our life to be different. The drama we allow or cause to be will come to an end, if in faith we listen to His Spirit and with His help obey.
Thankfully, Jesus came to show us God’s love and teach us His Father’s ways.  The choice is now ours to follow or not. For me, His death was not in vain. He has given me peace, joy and truth to share. Instead of drama my life is filled with His goodness. And I know He desires to bring healing and order to every life that is plagued by sin. His will is to restore lives that have lost their purpose. We are the windmill meant to enjoy the wind of His Spirit as we sing praise to His holy name.