Fragile, the most obvious way to discribe it.

Our lives are fragile in so many different ways, yet most continue to dance according to the Piper.  Mesmerizing notes are played hypnotically appealing to man’s fallen nature. How quickly the song can end, yet most ignore their fate forgetting that their days are numbered.
Fragile is the world we’ve built, and the systems that keep it running. How much debt can there be before the lender says, “There is a bigger price to pay.”? Or perhaps, first there will be war.  A solar flare, the quaking ground and ash rising from a exploding crater are things we do not control.  So many build their lives on shifting sands and shaky ground trusting that they will stand. They have put their faith in many things offered by the Piper. Worldly wisdom, authority or connecting with the right crowd perhaps a little silver and a little gold. They are his to give. They get to be a big shot feeling secure in what they have or know. How easily things can change.  Fragile is our state of being.
There comes a time for everyone when time is called and motion will cease. How long a wait before a voice is heard remains to be seen. Rise we will from our sleep and face the One who spoke.  He will prove to be an enemy or a friend. That’s not the time to be introduced.
The good news is He wants us to know Him now as our Lord, savior and friend. He builds our life upon a solid rock when we come to Him. We are fragile without Him, but in Jesus we are strong. In this world we become fearless as we come to understand our true security which is found in the love of God.  Above all remember that there are no words that satisfy a friend unless they are from the heart.  Acknowledge Jesus as your friend and the Piper’s power will cease. So, let Jesus know that your days do matter and He will tell you, “They will never end.”