Christian News: Three Sisters Shedding Light

Christian News is more than trying to interpret current events using prophecy as your guide.  Christian News comes as a blast of light, brought by God’s Spirit, that enables us to see and causes us to understand.  It happens when reading a verse of scripture that you’ve read many times before.  Suddenly you find yourself grasping something new.  Or perhaps a word spoken to your heart will bring awareness for the first time.  That is Christian News.  The purpose of a Christian blogger is to share the light they have received.  The challenge is writing things in a way that connects with the reader.  Perhaps a story will help someone to see.
“Whenever a child comes in need, knowing there is no other way, you can be certain their thoughts and words are heard.  How gracious God is to be this way; always ready to hear the humble heart, always ready to show His love.  Whenever His children come into His presence, believing He is there, sure enough – you can be certain they are heard in prayer.  There is a story of three sisters that may help you understand. Need, Humility and Faith are names that describe them well.  All daughters of the Father although one was adopted.  Need, poor Need, came to Him when Faith was sent to bring her.
The path seemed long as it rose ahead to the Father’s kingdom.  At first Faith appeared to be the weakest.  But strength returned when helped by Humility, her blood sister.  Need, that’s you, ran out in front so that she could be clearly seen.  You see, Need must be clearly seen before Humility can take her place.  And when Humility does takes the lead of this you can be certain, Faith will grow by God’s grace.  His will is to bring you home.”   Excerpt from “The Witness, The Spirit and The Prophecy” pg. 67 by  Paul Burgess