Reality Happens, are you paying attention?

Reality happens to be….God setting the rules.
Reality happens, there is no avoiding it by exchanging the truth for a lie.  Reality happens to be that which God ordains.  He has set the Law of Motion in the heavens and on earth.  The sun rules the day and the moon at night.  The sea’s mighty movements are held in place and butterflies direct the course of the winds.  All movement is by Divine decree.
Life itself is bound by God’s Laws.  Entropy is another Law that was set in place.  Because of it all matter loses its form over time.  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  And speaking of time, we are not allowed that much and it goes by so fast. And then we meet our Maker.  Is there any way that our meeting could not be a dreadful thing?
We have been told of His Ten Commandments.  Ten Laws to obey.  If we did we wouldn’t be concerned with thoughts of our demise.  But, reality happens and we discover that they are Holy Laws. Even though we would very much like to oblige, we discover that we can’t.  Not perfectly anyway.  It was no surprise to God.  He knew we couldn’t, but for our sake He gave these Laws to us to reveal our condition by exposing our sin.
Reality happens to be a loving God.
In time He came, the savior of mankind.  Jesus did what we could not do.  He obeyed every one of God’s Laws.  Innocent before God and man He was executed for the sin we commit.  Hardly sounds fair!  Reality happens to sometimes appear unfair, but with God there is always a reason.  Jesus received our wages, “the wages of sin is death,” (Romans 6:23) and God’s Law was carried out.  His justice prevailed.  Because of His sacrifice mercy is now given to those who died with Christ.  WHAT!!  HOW???
It’s really pretty simple.  Do you believe He died because of you, and that He rose again to reign as God’s Son, your King?  Your life is now in Him, you have died to sin.  You’re born again, now live for Him.    The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)