Broken People are God’s Softest Clay

The World is full of broken people.
They do their best to hold it together. With drama concealed from strangers and hurts held within, they move through life by willing one foot to follow after the other.   The sun goes unnoticed  clouded by their turmoil.  For broken people, little has worked as planned.  Deception, loss, failure and judgement have managed to destroy their hope, peace and joy.  Sadness, pain and grief are unrelenting, yet they hold on until they can’t.  That is often when Jesus’ knock is heard.
In utter desperation, when all else has crumbled, they come to be healed.  They have nothing to give except a broken heart filled with sorrow for the life they have lived.  Asking for forgiveness they seek nothing more than for Christ to create something better.  They are God’s softest clay.
To be forgiven much is to love much.