Heavenly Treasures, I want some. Don’t you?

God’s Rewards are Heavenly Treasures.
God talks about rewards because deeds are important to Him. If you believe in forever and you hope to be there, wouldn’t you want to bless your very long future? We’re not talking peanuts here. It’s not some contest with fake prizes. What God calls “rewards” are heavenly treasures. And I want some.
This morning I thought about deeds. My deeds! What do I do? Not a lot of things. I’m not really out there. When I am, I look for opportunities to be truthful and maybe just cause a smile or two. That to me is fun, so I’ve already been rewarded. I help were I can, but that’s using common sense. Helping makes life easier for everyone. I am sure my helping has been rewarded in many ways already. Then where is my hope for heavenly treasures?
I Do What I Can.
It will be through my writing, as I share the gospel and the things God has taught me, if rewards await my future. To bring hope to someone in need, replace confusion with clarity or inspire in some way are good deeds. I write hoping that I have served His purpose. And as I do, God continues to change me with the insight of His Spirit. Today it became so clear to me that a true follower of Christ is like Him. Jesus does not condemn those who are already condemned. He came to save them. (John 3:17-18)
Those are the heavenly treasures I’m looking for, friends that I will have forever.  “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”  (Revelation 22:12)