Quiet Corner: Replace your Safe Space.

Recommending a Quiet Corner.
I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it would help, but have you tried a quiet corner? It is that place where God can have His say. Your safe place is filled with others echoing your thoughts. Nothing you don’t already know. So, let God have your ear. It’s really pretty simple if you can handle “quiet.” Letting your thoughts go limp, to be carried by the Spirit in directions that He would go, requires humility. His voice may not be reaffirming, it not a safe place where you can stay the same. God’s voice will change you.
I’ve never heard an audible word nor seen the face of God, but He has revealed His thoughts to me.  If  you’re in that quiet corner believing God’s message brought by His Son, then His words are heard loud and clear. They shed light upon the error of your ways, only to show a better way. His words will bring comfort or chastisement according to your need. Amazing promises encourage and dire warnings are meant for your good. His word is living, it is the water of life.
The Mystery of the Quiet Corner.
There is no way to explain the power of God’s word. In the beginning He simply said, “Let there be…..” and it was. God created through His word and He still will when He is believed.  It is through His word that He speaks eternal life into being. Do you see why it is so necessary to have a quiet corner? A place to listen to His voice as He recalls His words to your mind. A place to ponder that which was said. The mystery of creation happens when God’s voice is heard.
The Secret of the Mystery of the Quiet Corner.
Hearing God’s word spoken or reading it for yourself is required. You can’t believe unless you know what has been said.  And there is only one book that God will use conforming His children into the likeness of His Son, the Bible.  Besides, there is no better place than to be with Him.