Broken Dish: The Master and Servant

The Story of a Broken Dish
The broken dish almost goes unnoticed as your mind tries to comprehend the big picture. At first you might think she is begging for a piece of bread. Then you will see the broken dish. She was begging for forgiveness. How would the master respond? His abundance overflowed to the floor where his servant kneeled before him. He barely gave a glance toward this woman pleading over a broken dish. How would the master respond? As he wished.
If truth is told, we have our broken dish or two when looking back upon our life. Consider relationships shattered like glass, virtue’s integrity compromised, time wasted and opportunities lost.  Each a broken dish.
I Met the Potter who Repaired a Broken Dish.
Come and meet the Potter who works in the light. He sees every crack and broken piece. I was introduced to him by those to whom he taught the trade. They watched him and listened to his every word. They even touched the One who grants eternal life. Good reason for me to hear what they had to say.
Although it was hard to believe,  they wanted me to be in their fellowship. Not just with them, but with the Father and His Son. They told me these things so that their joy would be complete. Imagine that! I would bring them joy by believing their words.
Both the Breaker and the Broken Dish
This is what they said, “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.”  (1 John 1: 5)  If I wanted to walk with Him I would be in His light of truth that exposes my sin. I did want to be with Him, and soon discovered that I was full of sin. Thank God they told me about the remedy found in the blood of Christ. It was shed to cleanse me.  All I had to do was admit to Him my faults, the ones that He revealed, and not call Him a liar.
Time and again, it seems without end, I have had to confess to thoughts and ways that are sinful in God’s sight. Each and every time I have found Him faithful to His word.  Jesus is the righteous One who forgives and changes us to have thoughts and ways that are more like His.  Because this is true I have learned how my Master responds, and I now live without fear. I pray that you take heed to these words so that my joy will be complete.