War Crimes: The ones committed to your spirit.

Spiritual War Crimes.

Not knives and guns and bombs, but something much worse. Messengers of Satan have always been with us. They disguise themselves as “servants of righteousness.” Some are called priests or prophets, some are scholars who teach.  Their intent is as their master’s: it is to lie, steal and destroy.    (2 Corinthians 11:12-15)

Lack of attention puts us in jeopardy of having our spirit deceived. Believing what you’re told, without checking the source, comes easy. But one never knows? Their words could be meant to poison your soul. So, where can “the Source” be found?

War Crimes are Preventable.

I hope you know by now I’m giving what I got. Passing it along and believing that it ends up where God intends. I’ll share a fact by exposing light on one of Satan’s schemes. He’d rather tell you what to think than have the Spirit of God instruct you. And he gets his way when we neglect listening to the word, spoken by the Spirit, as we read God’s Holy Book.

Each and ever page is meant for those who care to know the truth.  You will never be the same when you come to better understand God’s grace and love for you. Each and every page prepares you for the battle with those whose intent is to have you follow them. Be led by the Spirit and then you will follow Christ.