Jerusalem’s Old City with Khaled

Friendship in Jerusalem’s Old Quarters.

We met Khaled at his families’ shop in the Arminian section of the Old City of Jerusalem. Lost in the narrow streets, with names not seeming to match the map in our hands, with our last twist and turn we happened upon THE KHATIB (Bedouin Specialty Gifts & Oriental Carpets). His brother, Neil, was minding the shop and, for us, closed its doors. We were taken on a journey to the roof top with an amazing view of Jerusalem. When we returned to the shop we discovered that Neil is also an amazing salesman.


While Neil was showing us the beautiful carpets and treasures that emigrants brought to Israel, Khaled appeared, but soon left to return with fresh humus, pita bread, tea and Arabic coffee. I am reminded of how Abraham welcomed his visitors.

Exploring Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter.

We spent the rest of the day with Khaled giving us a tour. By the end of the day I knew we were living out God’s plans and not our own. Khaled and Neil would become our friends.

Hope you enjoyed a little of the Via Dolorosa, the Roman Catholic Holy Sepulcher Church and were not bothered by Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox Icons, but rather viewed them as unique art.