Gifts, Blessings and other Good Stuff.

Sharing Vicki’s birthday trip to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I got to go with her and take pictures, ONE of the benefits of being married. You can’t spoil the other person without being in the middle of the “spoiling” yourself. So, we are making a practice of doing that. Vicki is God’s gift to me, and she feels that I am God’s gift to her. Imagine that!! I’m blessed. And I pray that everyone would acknowledge God who does the blessing.  Christmas season is a great time to dwell on the Creator of all that is.

The One who holds the stars in His hands is beyond our imagination. That He would come down to earth for the likes of us, if we are being honest, is beyond reason. But He did. Men did the worst that men could do because He told the truth. But the Father knew. God Almighty was creating a way for us to know Him Who is Beyond All.

The day will come when we gather in God’s Kingdom where all tribes, nations and tongues will live in peace ruled by the Prince of Peace, the one who sits on king David’s throne, King Jesus.  Vicki and I are wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas as you dwell on Him who loves us.