Seeking the Kingdom.

Worldly wisdom is blind.

Preaching is foolishness to the worldly. The humble are considered to be weak and the poor are despised. They praise themselves for their wisdom and strength. A wisdom that is anchored in this world and dominated by the desires of their flesh. They cannot see the kingdom of God. They are blind. “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.'” (John 3:3)

God is opening eyes.

These men and women, living in Pakistan, are despised and persecuted by their country men because they belong to Jesus.  They are children in God’s kingdom and hunger for His word. Most do not have Bibles. They gather together in the open and sit on the ground to hear the visiting servant of God. Without a pastor or a building of their own, they are the body of Christ called by the Spirit to feed on God’s truth.

This is but one of the ministries of Grace Believers Society. Before graduating from seminary these young men and women began an outreach that has grown by the power God. In the midst of fear Jesus is bringing His peace into hearts called by His Father. Their classes overflow with young men and women eager to hear the truth. They are being strengthen, through the word, to be victorious in an oppressive society.


I am asking for my readers help in supporting our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. The laborers are few and this field is ripe for harvest. Over 98% of this nation are Islamic. Most are poor and suffer under a spirit of violence and hatred. Christians are willing to jeopardize their lives as evangelists and teachers. It is a great honor to uphold them in God’s service through our prayers and gifts. My brother Sajid will be grateful just knowing you care.

Sajid Azeem Paul and the Grace Believers Society can be found on Facebook. I have known Sajid long enough to recognize that God’s hand is upon him and the work of his team. The secret to being blessed is to be a blessing to others.

All of you, who have dropped by from so many different countries, have been my encouragement to continue writing at His Family Table. Thank you.