Dreams and Day Dreams.

Of men and prophets.

As time passes, long ago day dreams somehow change your life. I’ll give you an example. A long time ago I was thinking about judgement as I walked in my woods. Well, maybe that is where I was, it was a long time ago. I remember being outside and the weather was nice enough to lay on the ground. And I dreamed of something horrible. Something I never want to happen.

I was sitting on a throne in the most beautiful room that I could imagine. Then a door began to open and Jesus walked in. I was sitting on His Throne of Judgement, not where I belonged! This is not the vision of a prophet, just a day dream of a child of God.

Taking a couple of days away from writing. I wanted to leave my brothers and sisters with a thought. One that should last you a lifetime. It’s never good to be caught sitting where you don’t belong.