Wild Bill had his attractions.

But most of them were fleeting. Entertaining at best. He drew the crowds meeting presidents and kings. A soldier, an Indian scout and showman, he was the image of what a man’s man should be. And he did attract the ladies.

A progressive liberal for his time. He spoke for Indian civil rights and the right of women for equal pay. Wild Bill received our nations highest praise when given the Medal of Honor for heroism. Postage stamps, historical centers, and museums including the Smithsonian honor this man. Surely he had the center stage, and the ears of the western world. But, said not a word about Jesus.

William Cody became a Knight Templar and received the 32nd degree in the Scottish Right of Freemasonry. Pretty high up, there are only 33 degrees. Each degree builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophies offered in the craft lodge. Worldly wisdom passed up from centuries past. Buffalo Bill was not a dummy, he knew a lot of stuff. But it seems he didn’t know the Lord.

The day before his death he was baptized by a Catholic priest. That’s all that I could find. God forbid that we seek honors instead of seeking to honor God. We are family in this war that rages against God’s kingdom. Our scout is the Holy Spirit, by following Him our applause will then come from heaven. We do not draw men to Christ, we feed them when they come. First the milk then the meat as we lift up Jesus’ name.  

Remember this when using the gift God has given you. It is yours to bless your world. Ethical teachings and philosophies have never saved a soul. Be brave. Direct your audience to Jesus. Only God’s word creates anew.

Now to the king eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.” (1 Timothy 1:17)