Open letter to Muslims

No distinction?

You say you believe in what was revealed, yet find no distinction between men and Jesus. What has been revealed by man’s Creator remains to be revealed to you. Jesus is the appearance of our Creator who is Spirit. He took on the form of a man so that we might know Him. Jesus said, “If you have seen Me you have seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

Do you not know that Jesus said, “love your neighbor, to do good to those who spitefully abuse you, and to love your enemy?” If you believe what has been revealed, as Muslims proclaim, then why is there hate? To hate is to not believe the revelation of our Creator. Pointing our finger at another, be it a Jew or Christian or Hindi does not excuse the hand.

Perhaps you have not heard the invitation of forgiveness. We know His kingdom is holy, and we as men are not. Jesus is innocent, not like us, and sits with the Father. But, we have all sinned against the goodness of heaven. Not one of us are clean enough to go into the presence of Holiness. Our clothing is stained from past thoughts and deeds. That is why the Father of all creation came to man. It was His means of saving those who are stained by sin.

Jesus died for our sins. His death revealed the Fathers love and justice. A Son died for His Father in our place, if we would believe in God’s amazing love. No longer are we clothed in rags stained from the filth of our past. We are forgiven. We do not suffer punishment as God’s Spirit continues making us like Him. Holy! We are clothed with forgiveness and have peace with our Father who loves us.

You say you are Muslims, “submitted to Him.” Man must submit to Jesus before man is enpowered to submit to their Creator. To reject Jesus is to reject the Father’s love for you. Love that cannot be earned or purchased through your deeds. His love is given through faith in His Son. Salam.

Join me.

Families live in fear throughout the world. Fear of their neighbors who hate them. In distant land horrors occur that are unspeakable. What can you do, when you are not there, to comfort and encourage the children of God? In helplessness, you ask of God in prayer. “Lord, by your Spirit reveal Your Father to those who don’t know Him. Father, strengthen the faith of your children. I pray.”