Peace on earth.

Daydreaming  with Scripture is almost like being there, but you’re not. The wonders of our future go far beyond our imagination. There is a thrill knowing that we will truly be one. Someday we will be filled by God who dwells in us, and each will see Jesus face to face. Love coming from all directions. That will be “Peace on Earth with Goodwill to All.” God’s will!

Someday Christ will rule sitting upon the throne of David in His beloved Jerusalem. Nations with boarders set by God. Evil locked in the pit. God’s laws taught to be kept. How different it will be.

We are now priests serving Him here or at least we are learning. God says we will rule with Him by instructing others in His ways. We who once only knew sin. Amazing grace! Just a short word today to encourage you that things will be better. Someday.  In the mean time picture a flock of birds.

Hundreds of them are flying in a joyful expression of unity weaving patterns in the sky. They are declaring God’s glory. We find it hard to walk together. May God help us to declare His glory.