Wales. Land of outlaws and saints.

 My wife’s ancestors were outlaws.

At least that is how I tease her. She can trace her family tree back to the 1300s in this Welsh village called Llandegai.

IMG_2326In 1401 the capture of an English castle inspired a Welsh rebellion. In less than four months the rebellion ended, the castle was surrendered and nine of the “outlaws” were executed.

IMG_2200Come to think of it, the ones executed were probably not her relatives, but ……. God used her heritage to bring us to Wales and His appointment for us at Liandrillo Yro-Rhos.


Saint Trillo, was a sixth century disciple of Saint Gadfan. They came from Armsrica (an area now known as Normandy, France) to preach to the heathen on the Isles. Saint Trillo built his simple quarters beside this pre-Christian “holy well.” (There are over thirty of these wells in the British Isles, and many are now named after saints.) From here he founded four parishes in the Borough of Conwy, Wales. An ancient chapel now stands where Saint Trillo once lived.

The tiny chapel holds only six worshipers at a time. Some visit this historic place out of curiosity, others come as pilgrims seeking their personal miracle. As God would have it our visit was to pray for a man named Ivor.

Ivor lived close to the chapel and frequently came to grieve for himself, his family and the state of the world. His problem? Sin. He bore the burden of his own sin and felt himself unworthy to pray. He came hoping that somehow his visits would bring relief. Ivor, a seventy year old man, came to the house of God not knowing God’s forgiveness.

An opportunity was given to explain God’s love. The simple truth of why Jesus died. So that we could be forgiven. He rose again not to change the world, but to save those who believe in Him. Ivor’s past made it hard for him to believe he could be forgiven. Assurance, Prayer and a reminder for Ivor ended with these words, “Think on these things. This is why we came today, Ivor. Those who believe in Jesus ARE forgiven.”  

The one with “outlaws” for relatives kept telling him, “You’re loved, Ivor, God loves you!”  My Vicki is a saint who knows God’s love. Salvation occurs in the heart as man hears and believes the gospel of God’s Son. I pray that Ivor went home believing that he is loved.