An appointed time for everything.

A friend passed away yesterday. We had blood relatives in common through marriage, and for 10 years he lived next door to me. Jeff was strong in will and body until his appointed time. He fought, doctors practiced and people prayed, but Jeff is gone. We can’t change the will of God. Ours is to trust that He has His reasons. Ours is to grieve.

Thank God that is not the only season in our life. Grief’s length is different for each of us as is the degree of its pain. God is our only hope. He knows your heart and in time brings peace. Grief’s winter gives way to the joy of spring. God’s children always have hope.


(Ecclesiastes 3) “For everything there is a season – And a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Vs. 1) A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance.” (Vs. 4)