Odds and Ends

Need a blessing? Be a blessing!

God is faithful. Believing that is the essence of faith.

Looking for faith to be modeled? So are others. Be an example.

Political correctness: People exalting their righteousness above God’s holiness.

Jesus sent the disciple out  “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16-20

Jesus gives us the strength to be different.

To not pursue holiness is to remain carnal.

Christians are not the reason to become one, nor are they an excuse to reject Christ.

Growing pains: We all have them, if we are growing.

Confessions of faith cannot be borrowed. They must be owned.

Those with vision cannot see the motivations of the heart, but only what comes out of the heart.

How good of God to warn us that He means every word. How gracious of God to call us before it is to late.

Seek the praise of men, or be quite in your deeds. God is sure to notice who you choose to please.

Theology is the study of God. I believe He is often amused.