Simple Request.

Relax, it’s family who’s asking.

“The rich and poor have a common bond, the LORD is the maker of them all.” (Proverbs 22:2)

We are awaiting our visas and will soon be leaving for 2 weeks in Pakistan. Although we are traveling to a distant land it wont be a vacation. Sajid and his mother have made room for us, we couldn’t be more blessed. Sights will be seen where tourists don’t go, and most days planned down to the minute. This is a grand visit with Christ’s family. As His word states, “….you (and I) are fellow citizens with the saints of God’s household.” (Ephesians 2:19) 




Blessed to be born in the west I was, like most, not overly concerned about the rest of the world. I gave when asked, but seldom went looking for need. Sad to say, I needed to make sure MY tomorrows were secure. Lack of trust in “you know who.” Well, that has changed. And who said I am going to have a tomorrow? Today’s the day He has given to me, and believe me when I say, “I am well taken care of.” As are most of you!

So, here’s the deal.

Grace Believers Society shares one moped, so when they travel distances they take  public transportation.

GBS prays a lot. Transporting Bibles, Christian literature, projector and screen among those opposed to the gospel is a strong reason to pray. Their life and property is placed in jeopardy when spreading the gospel throughout Pakistan, not by choice, but by necessity. Thankfully, Vicki and I have a choice. Our first thought was to rent a car and driver upon arrival. Two weeks and $1,500 later we will be safely home, and the money will have been spent. We do not believe this is how God would want us to spend our money.

Buying a vehicle in Pakistan is not without potential problems. Unless purchased from a reputable dealer there is no way of knowing whether it has been stolen. So, checking on-line for a used basic van, 5-6 years old with under 100,000 Km I discovered what one would cost. After learning how to convert $s to Rupees, determining that 8.5 to 9 Lacs (how vehicles are priced) equals 850,000 to 900,000 Rupees, and converting back to dollars I came up with a price range between $6,900 – $7,300 plus tax and licence.

Vicki has established two different ways for you to help fund a request for $6,000. We will make up the difference in price and pay for tax and licence. Because you also care, Grace Believers Society will have a dependable vehicle to carry them safely throughout Pakistan.



Father, You provide for our needs. Stir the hearts of Your children and this need will be met. I am asking in Jesus’ name. Thank You.

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)