Our Story

Wanted to share

the beginning again so that others might see and praise God for the gift He has given to Vicki and me.  Neither of us would have thought God would use us as He has. Pakistan was way beyond our imaginations. Not a place where AAA designs tours. Anyway, this is how it started.

one lonely widow + one lonely widower + a wink = love, marriage and blogging.
That is the beginning of our story. We both lost our spouses and were looking for someone to love again and using an online dating site. As a widow in her sixties Vicki was attracting more scammers then honest men. Nine months of discouraging matches before Vicki received Paul’s profile as a possible match. She winked, he answered then God worked in our hearts. Paul offered to coach Vicki with her dating profile to attract a man who loved God.  Vicki shared a story about fishing on a lake. It is easy to catch sunfish – the scammers and liars found on online dating but harder to catch the northern pike, the one God would want in her life. It wasn’t long before Vicki and Paul realized she had hooked her Godly man, Paul. We realized we were meant to be together. We saw a life that would be used to love not only each other but to share with family and friends the love that God has for all of us.
We began talking about sharing our experiences of losing a spouse unexpectedly and how living with grief gave us something to share. Our grief did not mean our lives stopped or that God did not have plans beyond grieving. The thought came while making plans to marry to find a way to share our experiences with others. Paul was writing and enjoyed sharing his thoughts on Facebook. He has written a book about his life (email us if you would like a copy). He encouraged Vicki to write more about her life and relationship with God. Blogging was discussed then set aside as wedding plans were made.  We married the end of May 2016.  We now share our life together on Camano Island.  We are sharing what God has given us – His Love. His love has seen us through some very hard times. His love also gives us hope for a future with shared dreams to be used by Him as we meet people, travel and experience a growing love for each other while sharing the gift of God’s love with you.