Soon in Pakistan

5,000 Rupee is the largest Pakistan denomination. This 1,000 note currently equals $7.50 US. The  largest denomination in the US is the $100 bill which equals 13,325 Rupee. Useless information unless you were soon to be in Pakistan. According to God’s will we will be. The time remaining will be spent considering what it means to be a “leader” in Christ’s church. I prefer the word “example.”

Pakistan is a nation with 65% of the population under the age of 35. With few educated pastors and teachers the majority of Christians have not had the opportunity to understand the word of God. Pakistan’s class system has created extreme poverty, illiteracy, despondency, fear and the isolation of Christian communities. Pray for souls to be saved and that the youthful believers are nourished and strengthened by the word of God.

Please pray for Vicki and me as neither of us have ventured out with God in this way. We have contemplated and sought out the Scriptures pertaining to the topics we were asked to share. But I know that it will only be God’s Spirit who makes a difference in the lives of those who have ears to hear. Pray that we remember what we know, and experience His perfect peace.

Perhaps I will have time to post on occasion, but if not there will be lots to say and photos to share when we get back. Even if it is a quick one, remember to pray for your brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Thank you.