watching dogs.

That will slow you down. Away from home, and without the skills to remotely pull up Pakistan photos, I will document my every move. This one should last for awhile.

Some of you have sat at for awhile listening to my mini sermons. They were ment to be conversations about the things that mattered to God. But it takes comments, a back and forth, to have a conversation. The problem with sermons is that one never knows what the other is thinking.

Likes are cool. They let you know if you’re connecting. That is the purpose of my blogging, to connect with others who share my passion for God. I wish there was time to know each and every one of you. You are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

There will be plenty of time in our future to share face to face. In the mean time I want you to know that it is good to slow down. I have, and am thinking about those I’ve never met who make me smile. Love that you are, and that you come to