Seasons for Growing

There is an art to learning how to use a pan that needs seasoning. I have learned that cooking with a well seasoned pan helps with cooking and cleanup. Each time you heat the pan the oil penetrates the surface preventing the food from sticking. The trick of cleanup is not to remove all the oil from the surface while scrubbing off the food that can be sticking. Removing too much oil means rust can attack the pan plus the next use will have more food sticking to the botttom. At times the pan needs more oil added to refresh the damage that the heat of cooking can cause. With time you have a pan that will produce less burnt offerings and more delicious meals. 


I started thinking as I was washing my favorite cast iron pan how God is the seasoning of my life. If I do not seek His love and teaching I might look clean to the world but not be worth much. It is only when I allow His presence in my life that with time I become a vessel that can be used by Him. The seasoning creates a surface that allows the hurts, disappointments, and hardship of life to stick less, to penetrate the surface of my soul less. With time less questioning of life events happens. Trust is more easily given to a future that depends on God leading the way. He will continue to season me if I allow him to. He becomes my chef. 

This year I know many who are suffering and grieving . My father is grieving for a lost of his wife and way of life, my family the loss of their mother and grandmother. My daughter and son in law for a family to love. A young women for the lost dream of a husband and future. For close friends it is cancer. For others pain from injuries or illness. Loneliness is another hardship some are struggling with. For all of us being heated up by the trials of life let God work in your life. Know that He is there beside you offering His love. Trust that He will see you through. There might be bits and pieces of your life hardships left sticking to you. He will work on those.  He will season your life and create with you something new. 

Luke 2:40

“And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.”