The Christmas Story pg,6

“….I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:7)

That should give us pause this Christmas season. What is this abundant life in Christ? It certainly does not mean that every Christian will have the same portion of the physical things of this life, but spiritual abundance is for whosoever will. Nor is it freedom from the hardships of life, they are used to awaken us to our life in Christ. Wow! What a gift! So …., it has some unpleasantries, but nothing we can’t get over when trusting that we are loved.

There is an abundance of LIFE ENHANCEMENT that comes from having peace with God.  Since we are looking back to commemorate the birth that brought us life, let’s reflect on God’s deeds. Be filled this Christmas with faith that grants peace, and rejoice in your gift of life. It can be contagious. If you’re celebrating Christ’s birth do it according to your abundance. Birthdays are supposed to be fun! Merry Christmas!