Now that Christmas is over.

Just kidding!

We are only part way into it. This season’s gatherings can be times of uncertainty. How will others be? For many it is a time when memories are all that will be gathered. Christmas, a time of sensitivities. A time to be nice. A chance to bring meaningful gifts of grace into the lives of others.

Each day of this Christmas season can be an opportunity to talk about Jesus, His birth and lots of other stuff, after all, it’s Christmas. Though some will politely pretend they are paying attention others will be listening. If someone is rude, self-control and patience are within our power to demonstrate.

Our “gifts of things” are soon used up, broken, lost or forgotten, but our “gift of time” will leave a lasting impression. “Gifts of grace” are the gifts that Jesus gave us, and they are Everlasting. Go for the lasting impression, give of yourself.

Spread it around. Its Christmas!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Sharing Christ’s story is evangelism. We get to explain what we know about God’s gift. May God grant you the ears of those who have a few minutes to listen. Grasp that opportunity. Think of it as your way of giving a gift to Him. After all we are celebrating His birthday. Merry Christmas!