It starts with a call.

This is a story of a man who was called. “Come”, they said, “Bring us God’s word, the word you received from Christ.” They heard of him teaching others. He was called and they were surprised when he came. Why would he heed the voices of untouchables? Why would he come from so far away?

This was a Christian community of generational farm workers, bound in economic slavery, who questioned why this man would care for them. Without a pastor or even abuilding, they met in the open to hear God’s word. They prayed together and God acted because one of His children cared.

It doesn’t take many, but it does take some to lend a hand. They now have a building, no longer will their carpets lay on the ground. Now when their elders call them from the fields they have a place to meet protected from the rain and shaded from the sun. A place of their own.

To them the word of God is precious. Young adults line up to share what they are discovering with the many who cannot read. Their numbers grow as God stirs hearts to come to Him and be healed.

All of this because a man answered God’s call. Consider the miracles that wait for us to answer our call.

I have posted a story line of photos describing a short history of Saint Paul’s Church in an area called Sheikupura in Pakistan. It can be seen on Facebook @ His Family Table.  I know many of you cannot view videos in this format so I have encluded a few of the photos with this post.

I truly am thankful that Jesus has given me something to do. Lord bless you.