The Coronation Stone and the Crown Jewels of Scotland.

“…..for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

Scripture uses the words “treasure” and “reward” often. Whether saved or not all men understand what it means to treasure something. God knows that’s our reality …. He made us. It is interesting that Matthew, the tax collector hears Jesus saying “reward” 13 times. Men are motivated to possess treasure and seek reward which they hold here, or is held for them in heaven.

The Coronation Stone and the Crown Jewels are treasures that are bestowed to following  generations. The crown is a golden display of precious stones to grace the head of man. The stone is worn with age and pierced with iron handles to carry its great weight. The names are recorded of those who wore the crown, but the history of the stone has been forgotten with time.

When history is lost legends remain, sometimes with clues. They are examined in hopes of discovery. How many have searched for the fountain of youth wasting their years in vain? Who has gained and who has lost following tales of buried treasure, lost cities or sunken ships?

It is fascinating when persueing the truth takes you to God’s word. The questions to be answered: Could King David’s coronation have been upon this stone? Did Moses strike this stone for there to be water? Did Jacob rest His head upon this stone when dreeming of heaven’s ladder? There are some that have suggested this might be true.  It is all part of a story that has to do with the keeping of Jacob’s prophecy over the lives of his sons and two grandsons.

I have glanced at these ideas in the past and found them interesting, like a story that could be amazingly true. God does do amazing things, but I never cared to find the proof one way or the other. It didn’t matter then, but now I am old, and I have the time to persue answers to questions concerning Joseph’s Birthright.  So, I hope that this story of the Coronation Stone will hold your interest as the light of prophecy shines upon the legend.

There is a word for measuring what God declares to be of value. The word is “talent.” The most valuable measured gifts are the abilities God has given to each of us. They are different in kind and amount according to the purpose of God. We are entrusted to use them to His benefit and for His glory. If we do we will be rewarded.  (Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25:14-30)

To be continued