Taken a Break

Just for awhile.

Spending some quiet time with Jeremiah and Ezekiel before writing page number seven of “Treasure”. Until then I will leave you with something I wrote four years ago. My attempt to reflect  the glory of God that I see when reading the Old Testament.

THE MOST GLORIOUS TAPESTRY shimmers like light upon a jeweled mosaic crafted in the mind of God. It awaits the gaze of mortal man who has been given eyes to see its splendor. But blazing is the light of God, it takes time to adjust one’s eyes. Time and desire.

Some forms are easy to see once sight is given. The red blood on the cross, the darkness of the tomb and the words “He has risen” are the first to take their shape. The royal robe of purple and the crown of gold worn by the King of Kings can be seen above the clouds, but the face of God is hidden behind the shinning of His glory. 

Given such a gift as this, the right to see the work of God, how can man turn his eyes away? Granted, this Most Glorious Tapestry is revealed piece by piece. A grand puzzle. And like the pieces of a puzzle laid upon the table, desire and patients are required of man to put them all together.

Thank God that He is willing to help us sort these pieces out. It is not just the colors that need to come together, nor the shapes that we begin to see, we must also learn to see time. For this Father’s work is living, it is a Tapestry of Life. 

Portrayed are the generations of the past and those yet to come. Be they kings or nations,  all have their place in time. The mighty deeds of God are shown and His will yet to unfold.  All things intended for His children to discover are contained within these woven threads. For God’s pleasure is to bless the ones He loves.

He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide our minds to bring God’s Tapestry of Scripture clearly into focus. Time and desire are gifts of grace wisely and joyfully to be spent.  God bless.

Thanks, Sajid, for reminding me of something once written.