The Storyteller

In days long past the Storyteller could safely travel from tribe to tribe. Even when the tribes were at war he was welcome. The Storyteller brought the news. Good news was always good to hear no matter how much time had passed. The bad news lost its power over time.

The war today is greater. Spirits are at war, and the Storyteller caries a sword. He tells of the covenant, the one that is new. It’s the best news! The bad news is the flesh, once you’ve heard God’s holy Law. We are in a spiritual battle with no strength of our own. That’s why Jesus gave us the sword of His Spirit. The word of God.

Dwell on what God has done, and is doing. Find hope’s strength in His promises. Jesus said we can drink freely, but we have to come to the well. Open the word, and hear the greatest Storyteller of all tell you the truth. That will destroy the works of darkness. Just a reminder. Life can be tough, but we can be victorious.

Praise God, He has given us the opportunity to trust Him.