Looking back one has to laugh at some of the ways of the past. The things that made you worry seem foolish when you come to understand. Why would anyone in their right mind trade peace, joy and contentment for worry? Because they are not in their right mind. God still has lessons to teach, and they are taught over time. I’m getting old, but not too old to take advantage of what I’ve learned, that’s why I’m chuckling.

There is no need for the children of God to worry. What is the most important thing we are trusting God to do? Is it not to raise us back to life after we are dead? There is nothing we can do when that time comes. The best billionaires can do is spend it all with hopes of finding a cure for death. I’m not worried, resurrection is completely out of my hands, My trust is absolute.

If we are trusting God for that which matters most, we might as well learn to trust Him with everything. There is no one wiser than the One who has provided for our needs. The needs He saw in us. Often not what we thought we needed, nor would we have asked for suffering. A wise Father is raising children to be like Christ; children who have faith in their Father’s love.

“Listen my beloved brethren, did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of that kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?” (James 2:5) Those who have less have been given more. Things did not stand in the way. Those with stuff are not better off, faith struggles in clutter. If we could choose what would it be? Aren’t you glad God made that choice for you?

My brothers in Pakistan, pray for us who struggle that we might overcome those things that stand in the way of faith.  Pray that we grow in grace. My brothers who struggle, let go and enter God’s rest. He will always be your provider. Don’t wait untill you’re old to chuckle.