She brought a friend

A gentleman from Kenya

Found himself setting in a hotel lobby in NY city when a young girl came to him selling candy. She went on and on telling him how good her candy is. He said to himself, “Why is it Christians don’t talk about Jesus that way?”

Even birds share the good news. Christians have tasted His goodness. We have hope of eternal life. Death has lost its sting. How sweet the peace knowing you’re forgiven. Emanuel, there is no better company.  Your own Comforter when needed. Abundant life that Jesus provides, what’s not to like?  Are we still struggling to open the wrapper?

Sin can be tough to want to let go. First excuses, then failing will-power struggling time and again until finally giving up and asking for help. Life is abundant when Jesus sets us free. Do-it-yourself won’t work anymore. Instead we are His workmanship. We get to rest.  Granted, that is a tough wrapper to open, it just wont let go. We are so use to doing for and trusting in ourselves. Now God wants us to trust Him.

Trust is easy when you know something is beyond your control like the resurrection. You have to trust Him! Maybe we just need to let our faith mature into boldness. God help us to share the good news.   

The Kenyan’s name is Lawi Imatthew, then Bishop of the Methodist Church in Kenya. Sadly, we lost touch except for memories.