Clearly it’s discrimination.

Bird lovers discriminate against squirrels. One of God creatures is not welcome when they come for something to eat. How sad! What’s a squirrel suppose to do? Sit at a distance and watch the birds get fat? Birds get a free meal, and the squirrel??? Well,  the squirrel becomes a thief.

IMG_0121 This one seldom gets to eat in peace. Sadly, we can’t afford to feed her. Not with her appetite, and the cost of sunflower seeds. So our little dog, Clue, gets to chase her when she’s spotted. Once in a while Clue will get her exercise two or three times in the same day. Retired life in the fast lane, at least for the squirrel.

Plenty of time to dwell on God’s word, and except for the squirrel there are few distractions.  Time to read, think, pray, think again, then write when the light comes on, Christ’s Light.  The last few day I’ve been without direction. It seems to me much has been covered and I’m uncertain where to go. I’m at that “pray” stage. But like the squirrel, I’ll be back.