Who is My Brother?

He lives here.

How do I know he’s my brother? He is a man of faith. There is no guessing on my part, I can see his living faith. We have the same Father! His theology, you ask? I have never asked, he lives as a servant of my Lord. That is good enough for me. No idols in his life that I can see. Who I see is Jesus caring for the poor in their time of need.

This man of God does not boast about his job, it was chosen for him from birth. Instead he praises God for the opportunity to serve where God is needed. Yes, I said that correctly, “To serve where God is needed.” Souls cry out in their time of need. Their cry is to God, not man.

The poor reach out to those who are poorer. Wealth is found in their spirit, their treasures are waiting in heaven. What a glorious day that is coming when my brothers and sisters see our Lord face to face.

Forgive a little repetition.

I wish all Christians were like this. Too many are of Peter, and too many are of Paul. If we all were of Christ things would be different. The rich look away so as not to be troubled. Compared to the Christians in Pakistan we are “the rich.” More often than not the words “I’ll pray about it” serves as a passive “NO! Don’t ask anymore.” Some day we will see the Lord face to face.

I wish the others I know would ask themselves, “Why am I here?  Is God my priority?”

“For whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.” (Mark 3:35)