Needed to be Loved

From His Family Table to yours.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples.” (1 Chronicles 16:8NASB) Seriously, when your sitting around the table tell a story or two. Surely there is something you can boast about, something God has done. They are your “peoples” sitting around your table.

So, lead, if you have too, and tell something real. Call upon the Spirit to bring your story to mind. Perhaps a time when humbled and grace appeared. We all entered the kingdom that way. Or perhaps a time when you had great need. Sincerely thank Him before others.

As for me, I needed to be loved and forgiven. He was there for me even after I denied Him. He has disciplined me, but He has never left me. I have to boast in His love that He has shown to me. Those two, discipline and love have changed me. I needed both. I am truly thankful.

Next, I am thankful that God has brought so many of His family into my life. I am thankful for you.