True Riches

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.'” (John 6:35NASB)

Your soul is satisfied when you come to Christ. Are you satisfied? Have you come all the way and said, “I’m Yours!” ? Have you come to feast and drink? Are you satisfied? Jesus said, “Come.” It was not a command. It was an invitation to the hungry and thirsty who craved life. Family life, abundant life, life of the forgiven and loved. These are the desires of the heart that only Christ can satisfy. Are you satisfied?

What do you think “I’m Yours” means? If you’re not satisfied it is you who are holding back, not Jesus. Yesterday I posted about a little boy who needed a miracle. A few of you who took notice and prayed get to share in the joy of knowing that God gave the little boy and his family your prayed for miracle. A hospital and its doctors and nurse have volunteered to provide their services. Praise God!

Yes, my soul is satisfied, I lack nothing that is good for me. Truly, there is nothing better than belonging to Him. The “I will follow you” kind of sold out. Christmas season offers the best opportunities of the year to follow Jesus, And the most joyful. The letter that follows was written by my son in Pakistan. He is offering an opportunity to help a family who has suffered for Christ. I have no doubt that doing what he is asking would fall under the category of “Doing God’s Will.” Very satisfying!

Family !!!

We have many plans for this Christmas and many celebrations too but there are families those just left everything for Christ it’s not their will but our Father’s will . This family is one of that family who left everything because they love Jesus. Few months ago they were living in an area where they have home , food and clothes with them but as The husband was preaching to local community they asked him to left the community forcefully. Now he is Gujranwala we have done a little for them as a family . His wife had new born baby boy and two daughters , Angel ( girl who was adopted by this family ) with them too . Let’s pray for them .

Pray for grocery of month of December as The husband is jobless .
Pray for monthly rent .
Pray for warm clothes and blankets for this family as it’s getting cold here and they don’t have warm clothes still wearing summer clothes.
Pray for This father to have permanent job .
Pray for their son John who is sick and need medical help. Our prayers can do wonders .
I am hopeful my family here those are reading it will not disappoint me

Sajid Azeem Paul