Turning a Page

The use of time.

Can’t convince the dead to wake. Only God has that power. So, I share what is known, and Praise God when a few listen. When praying for more listeners, God introduced Vicki and I to His children in Pakistan. It is true, the poor in spirit are rich in faith.
I thought to write another book, but what’s the point of repeating what has already been said? Thanks to Facebook and WordPress my writings are always available. Besides we have our Bibles, and the Holy Spirit to help us understand. I can’t wake the dead, but I can warn the living of what’s to come. It is so obvious to this old guy where we are headed.
Why bother? I care deeply. Maybe it will motivate some to change their priorities. We are only here for a little while compared to God’s eternity. Such a short test of our faith, yet with long lasting consequences. Praise God, from now on I will tell you what I’m seeing.
“I BELIEVED, THEREFORE I SPOKE.” (2 Corinthians 4:13)
“A false witness will perish,
But the man who listens to the truth will speak forever.
(Proverbs 21:28 NASB)