Do you have to be old?

Or should I say mature, to be politically correct?  What is required, before we begin to grasp the significance of king David’s words? For me, I’ll stick with old, like fruit getting ready to drop from the tree, before being overwhelmed by the Spirit revealing the immensity of God’s Gift.

“The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You support my lot.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.” (Psalm 16:5-6 NASB)

If you are a child of God, find the right appreciation for your circumstances.
“The Lord makes poor and rich; He brings low, He also exalts.” (1 Samuel 2:7 NASB)  He has His reasons why. Creating hearts to be like Jesus is a complex matter. We all have different things to overcome, both wealth and poverty present their tests of faith. Wither rich or poor, the child’s portion is the Lord.

If living in the west, it’s easy to think we have the best of the deal. Consider this.
“Listen, my beloved brethren: did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?” (JAMES 2:5 NASB) 

An easy life is a life without the imposed sacrifice of poverty. It is a daily life with little apparent need for God. How easy it is to be lulled to sleep. Staying awake is the challenge of those in he west.
“And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, ‘So, you men could not keep watch with Me for one hour? Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:40-43 NASB) 

With humility comes the riches of faith, even for us in the west. We need Jesus to subdue the cravings of our flesh that is never satisfied, and to inspire in us the sacrifice of worship. We need Jesus to frequently ask, “Are you awake?” Look deeply into the words of David’s Psalm, for that is God’s gift to those who believe.