Americans need to get their head out of their rear end.

Let me tell you why. As usual, I started my day texting friends in Pakistan whose friends and relatives are starving. I then read an invitation to join a FB group helping seniors. First thought? That’s cool, checking in on old folks. Many of them are emotionally starving.

Then I got mad. It was for High School Seniors who will miss their prom and graduation ceremonies. “Call them, write to them, send them a gift card so they feel better.” American values need a reality check and one is on the way. Families are starving and what are our concerns?                                                                                                              World economies are broken. Headlines. “Fed Unveils New Bailout Program, Will Provide Up To $2.3 Trillion in Loans To Support Economy” “Powell tells World “There’s Really No Limit On What (Fed) Do.” This broken system is gasping for air. And these “Trillions” will come out of thin air diminishing perceived value until nothing remains. “Thou shall not covet”, but we did, and  money lenders made it easy to live above our means.

Jesus’ last day before betrayal.                                                                                                   I’m not going to share my thoughts because something else is on my mind.  If you care to know, this day was recorded in Matthew 26:17-46;  Mark 14:12-42;  Luke 22:7-46 and John Cha. 13-17.