Just to Let You Know

Why so few posts?

Shifting our residence from an island to the foot hills of the Cascade Mountains and settling in took awhile. Fitting into our new cyber neighborhood led to a new endeavor, Sky Valley Fellowship. My wife and I put together a FB page for local believers and those the Father would call. The invitation is now being received and I can only image what God is intending for our forty miles of valley. I am believing that it will bare fruit. It was God’s idea.

Let me boast in His abilities to take a small thing, like a personal FB page, and grow it into a ministry that serves the church in several countries. We do not do the planning. By some miraculous mystery God points us in the way to go. Not the end, but the way. One day after another, and then the day comes when we are awestruck seeing where His path has taken us. Until then we remain faithful to Jesus and what we know. We really are Christ’s possession, and He does as He pleases. And this is what He has been pleased to do with my personal Facebook page as of yesterday.

Greetings, You are now connected on Facebook with a 75 year old Christian who has been called by God to write. We are all called. In your post I will see what is important to you. I’m good at reading words and photos.

With as many platforms as I can manage, my words are meant for any who would listen. Thousands scattered throughout the sub continent (Pakistan and India) and several African countries are on my page with you. Soon, God willing, I will have reached Facebooks limit of 5,000 members. Almost there. You are now one whom I will share my faith.

Please understand that I was not called to spend my time chatting nor would it be humanly possible to befriend each of you. I know about poverty and hunger and children and ministries, but I cannot support any more than I do. And that’s OK if you have joined to hear me speak truth. May God abundantly bless you.

Most of you are Christians holding many different titles; deacon, pastor, missionary, prophet, evangelist, bishop and even one cardinal. It was a blessing to accept a nun and men and women running orphanages. My favorites are those who are griping tightly to their faith in Jesus as they hunger to understand God’s thoughts and ways. God has used the shofar to call saints to my FB page.

Guess who sent some scammers, liars, and thieves along with the tempters with lust and greed? There was even a priest and a teacher who served demon gods. I’m taking my time to go through the rest, and thankful God will give me the wisdom to know who to let go. I do not know about you, but I’m thinking there is no time for games. Come, Lord Jesus!

I pray that we all bear much fruit for His name sake. Those of you who have learned to look only to Jesus, please do not take offence, I did not assume you came for material gain. I have been living long enough to know that poverty and need and desperation is about to knock on my door through messenger. From starving babies to roofs that leak, widows tempted to abandon Christ and convert in order to feed their children. I know, and my heart breaks because I cannot help. I’ll say no and feel your pain once more.