Arise, Lord.

The following verses are part of a song concerning the end. Psalm 9 is worship in the form of prophetic prayer that ends with the Psalmist’s plea, “Arise, Lord.”

“The wicked will return to Sheol,
All the nations who forget God.
For the needy will not always be forgotten,
Nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever.
Arise, Lord, do not let mankind prevail;
Let the nations be judged before You.
Put them in fear, Lord;
Let the nations know that they are merely human. Selah
(Palm 9:17-20 NASB)

Is this your plea, or are you still hoping in those who are merely human? Christians, our war is not political, it is spiritual. Many have been fighting the wrong enemy, a political party or man. Our enemy is not flesh and blood, merely human. Our enemies are spiritual beings soon to be vanquished by God, but not yet. The nations are being stirred against each other and even the people within. Men cannot see what is happening, the blind are leading the blind. We who can see plead with the Psalmist, “Arise, Lord.”