The rabbis said , “It’s true.”

They know that God will not lie, but they forget the devil will. They are the people of the book still seeking Him. Well, maybe not any more the ultra orthodox rabbis in Israel are proclaiming that the Messiah has been found. Born of Jewish and Muslim parents he is thirty years old, and apparently with an uncanny knowledge of the Torah. He is preaching peace for mankind. We who are saved know better. A deceiver is in their midst. Not much to see here if it is only human pride, it will end as a footnote in history. But what if it’s not?

Do we have to get to the very last page before we take God seriously? Do you remember being chastised by a loved one saying, “You should have known better!” Every generation must live expectantly. Eyes wide open, believing the truth that is staring us in the face. The reality is that our world is terminal, and God has promises to keep. Let us live in expectation. Amen?

Thus He called him Israel. God also said to him,

“I am God Almighty;
Be fruitful and multiply;
A nation and a company of nations shall come from you,
And kings shall come forth from you.
“The land which I gave to Abraham and Isaac,
I will give it to you,
And I will give the land to your descendants after you.”
(Genesis 35:11-12 NASB)

I was surprised by snow this morning. Next week is supposed to be sunny every day. Was not expecting snow. I am expecting Jesus.