Is your Garden Covered?


Lots of benefits to gardening this way. Moisture is retained with less need to water and as the wood breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil. My favorite is that the covering allows for few competing weeds eliminating hours of weeding. Time is then spent watching the vegetables and berries get ready for the table while being on the lookout for invading fungus or creeping moss.

A brother explained the benefits. I discovered the problems on my own. Same thing in the spirit. Someone brought the good news of salvation and then I started living a saved life with worldly problems. Until I vigilantly guarded against invading thoughts and my weak flesh much of my peace and joy was missing.

Cover your garden by following Christ. The world hates, and most of the church avoids or dislikes the words “obedience” and “holiness”. Many in the church have a garden God’s Spirit is constantly watering. Some lack nutrition that comes from God’s word and are stunted in growth. Other gardens are competing with a jungle of weeds and can hardly be told apart.

My advice to those who would take exception to my view of what ails the body of Christ, you’re saved! Now move on in obedience to the commandments of the Lord.