The Signs of His Coming


We have started our heat wave (90-100 o for the next week or so. Some flowers are wilting others appear to be rejoicing. Our Lord has slowed me down. Outside projects are out of the question for a while and waiting on the Lord for something to say. Perhaps I have run out of things to say with their different ways of saying them. How many ways can one say, “God’s forgiving and loving, but hell for anyone who rejects His Son”? Said in a nice and thoughtful way of course.

It has been a simple message of repent and believe. And God will be the judge if we do. He will know. No fooling Him. And the saved will know because of the Spirit He gives us.

I love God’s prophets; they spoke truth letting me see the future. The many will wilt from the heat, but the few will be rejoicing at the signs of His coming.