Weather Conditions


Measurable rain today for the first time in a long time, according to my remembering. The weather is changing and my garden is dying except for some late bloomers. One cauliflower and lots of brussel sprouts are yet to finish growing. Praying for a late freeze to give them a chance.

With the forest fire filling our air with smoke, hiding the mountains and some days so thick one could taste it, we have had enough. Is the fire in its second month? I’m sure many have been praying for rain. So, I’m preparing to be undercover for a long time. When the rain stopped last year it was because it turned to snow until it rained again. Cloudy damp and cold through most of the spring. So, I’m preparing.

Probably will finish rearranging and hanging another light the first part of the week. We have our plans; God has His and now it’s time for rain. Neighbors, let us make the best of it until we see the Son. Are you preparing? Filled lamps at the ready to meet our Lord and King.