First freeze

starts Sunday and continues, guaranteeing the garden is finished until next spring. I learned a little more this year, so hoping for a more productive garden next time around. Sadly, the Brussel sprouts didn’t make it. Mild temperatures and cloudy spring days followed by over a month of forest fire smoke blocking the sun produced big leaves, but no sprouts. Time to pull them up and put them to the mulch pile.

We are told to expect a cold snowy winter, so today we hunted the best deal for wild bird seed, the price for being entertained by all the different types that visit our woodland place. Adjusting to the seasons and restrictions due to our age will keep us home bound, except for errands now and then. That, my friends, is why my photos are often taken here, and why I missed a day of reading the gospel.

God’s gospel of the kingdom, as told by His Son, will continue tomorrow, if by grace we are still here. Stay blessed.