Keeping Busy

It became a habit accomplishing at least one or two tasks every day except Sabbath. Yesterday it was cutting down an old plum tree that no longer produced fruit, today was repurposing its trunk. A place for chickens to roost or probably landings, from spot to spot, to get to the top. The poop is under the highest roost.

Soon my task will be to plant another fruit tree. There is always something to do. And then there are those things that matter. Trees die and, in time, are burnt or rot, but to be blessed by God is eternal. So, I write about Jesus and His message, the gospel of the kingdom of God. Good News for those who would have it.

He lived and died and rose again, very much alive in those who belong to Him. It’s good to keep busy. You have heard that “idle hands are the devils’ workshop” but have you heard an idle mind allows itself to be filled with trash? There is no greater occupation than serving Jesus with our life.