My Place

In a fallen world.

Only in the Millennial Kingdom will life be better. God loves me and His Spirit, that is in Christ, is in me. White as snow, He is in me, and I love God for saving me to be with Him forever.

Born again into His kingdom, life that is holy waits for the King. His oil in our lamps burns brighter and brighter as joy overflows more each day. And to think He would do this for me.

Jesus would do this for all who call His name and believe what He has to say. We are forgiven, and once we see we will never be the same. Repent and believe His message from Father.

So, this is my place in a fallen world. I hear trains go by. Blessed to be here but know there is something better on the way. New bodies for resurrected souls will be amazing, ours will be like Jesus’. Imagine that!